Mac programming collaborative bookmarks?

I usually like the link selection I get from the Joel Reddit, which usually has good software-related essays at the top. It seems to avoid links to uninformed rants about consumer electronics or industry politics, for which I have no use.

I'd like a social links site for software professionals on the Mac - does one exist?

Or am I missing the point of these sites, and there's a feature in each of them to get only the links I want?

I'm curious - how do you get your mac-related links?

Update: From the comments and some emails, I heard three main ways. A few people just rely on the feeds they check regularly, trusting that if something's interesting enough, eventually someone they read will post about it. This was basically my strategy.

A few other people plugged Scott Stevenson's, which I remember seeing a while back but overlooked when I wrote this post. He's doing a good job of collecting interesting links and highlighting blogs you might want to check out - keep an eye on that site. To paraphrase Scott, he wants cocoablogs to be the 'anti-digg', a site where you can guarantee someone actually read the article before they recommend it to you. I'd say that's a good idea - I don't have patience for mob voting.

Finally, another suggestion was to follow the 'cocoa' tag on, something else I should have thought of - this is nice and social like digg and reddit, but it seems less likely that someone will tag an article they haven't read, so I think it's a stronger vote.

Thanks, everyone, for the suggestions!


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