Quick n' Dirty OmniOutliner to MediaWiki Applescript

The other day, I had a big outline on a wiki that I wanted to edit in OmniOutliner so I could hide and move things around with a real outliner, then export it back out to the wiki.

I managed to get it into OO with copy and paste and a lot of RSI-inducing tabbing, but the text export options can't be massaged to export MediaWiki-style (eg, '#' for level one, '##' for level two).

So I wrote a quick Applescript to get the data out and get me back on my way. I thought I'd post it in case it would be useful to anyone else:

tell front document of application "OmniOutliner Professional"

    set expText to ""

    repeat with aRow in rows
        set rowText to ""
        -- start from 2 to treat top levels as headers
        repeat with i from 2 to level of aRow
            set rowText to rowText & "#"
        end repeat
        set rowText to rowText & " " & topic of aRow
        set expText to expText & return & rowText
    end repeat

    set the clipboard to expText

    display dialog "The exported text is in the clipboard."
end tell

Update: see the comments for a version for TWiki. Thanks, Peter!


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