Step back: why laptops?

I've been thinking of how I'd work if I didn't have a laptop. One thing's for sure: I wouldn't spend as much time rubbing my neck while waiting for builds, for a couple of reasons.

I'm beginning to wonder if a laptop is really any good at all, let alone necessary. Wouldn't I rather not carry that thing around all the time? Should my hands really sweat when my computer is working hard? Doesn't having a laptop just give me an excuse to pretend I'll be able keep working "later", even though that never really works? Does anyone really gain more productivity from working at a coffee shop than they would using a fast desktop computer?

I think the one thing my laptop is best at is blurring the line between fun and work, and not in a good way for either.

With the heat, weight, relatively poor performance, and especially the paranoia from carrying such an expensive thing around, I've grown to seriously resent my Powerbook, despite being at quite a loss without it.

Has anyone found a good way around the extreme dependence on heavy, fragile, hot-plate laptops, and still been able to get things done in more than one place? Anyone carrying Mac minis around between monitors? Carrying a disk between minis? Strict work/home division? What's your scheme?


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