Portable gut check

My Powerbook's disk died yesterday around 1pm. Since then I've been thinking about how to get by without it. After taking far too long to realize it was beyond my troubleshooting ability, I took it to the UTC Apple store at 5 or so, and got an appointment for 7:45, then went for a drink. When I came back, the Apple store guy referred me to drivesavers - I'll have to see what their estimate is when they call me back. For now, I assume I'll have to pay whatever they ask - I was careful about backing up notes and papers to my iDisk and keeping important work files in repositories on other machines, but there is still a lot of stuff on that machine that I can't replace, and my full-backup scheme was just inconvenient enough (and my target disk just small enough) that my full backup is pretty stale.

I can keep working for now on lab computers and my old home Mac - I'm pretty impressed with how much I can just transfer over to another mac and keep running - I can check all my mail (IMAP or GMail), read my NetNewsWire subscriptions (Newsgator Online), go through my bookmarks (iSync & .mac). Pretty impressive, even without any effort to stay flexible.

Here's hoping I can be back on track soon - for now I'm only a Mac user at nights, and I'm going to miss a few things during the days, to be sure.


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