More Windows

Andy Ihnatko paints a colorful picture of Windows use. He describes Windows as first the boorish, greasy haired acquaintance on a long road-trip, then later as disposable underpants. I can't resist anthropomorphizations and descriptions of software as other daily objects.

I wasn't going to post that article, but just now I was keeping notes in Notepad and wanted to write something unrelated down quickly, so I press control-N. You know, "New". A dialog box pops up, and before I realize it, I've lost the notes I was keeping, because I accidentally hit "No" in response to "Do you want to save the changes?". OK, my mistake, but in my defense, I wasn't expecting that decision and didn't really read the dialog box, surely the twentieth dialog I've seen in two hours.

Also, why am I closing one file to open a new one? In Firefox, if I press control-N, I get a new window and my old one is still there. What's the deal, Notepad? Do most real Windows users just never use you?

I miss VoodooPad.


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