What a relief.

Really, it is a little encouraging that after so many years of staring at browsers, I can still thoroughly entertain myself on a Sunday afternoon by reading the homepages of total strangers.

However, if it's still winter, a north-eastern transplant to Southern California does have to be careful when reading accounts of wool coats, comforting snowfall and hot soup at just the right time. It's been a long time since I've actually wanted hot soup. Say what you will about the weather in San Diego - I was debating shorts when I walked out for my coffee today, and sandals were a given, but this kind of weather has never really supported a good bleak mood like a nice cold snowy day would, back home. Sunny blue skies have a way of making you feel ungrateful if your smile doesn't fit right today.

Now I realize why it seems like so many people here are healthier than the rest of America. If I can't maintain a satisfactory sulk under bright sun and pleasant breezes, I have to resort to working out. It'll do the job, but sometimes I really do miss the old way - a blanket and a book, with hollow curses aimed at the weather.


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