MarsEdit 1.1.2


Review: My weblog editor of choice.

Mar 16, 2006

Michael McCracken

San Diego, CA 92109

product MarsEdit 1.1.2

MarsEdit was recently updated to version 1.1.2, with a few bug fixes. I really like MarsEdit - It does what I need and stays out of my way. I'm not the most demanding user - I have one WordPress weblog and don't keep up with the latest in blogging tools. I did have my own customized weblog editor, Blapp, that I used for years, so I was expecting to find plenty of things that annoyed me about a program that wasn't written just for me. To my surprise, it felt comfortable right away - I got started posting with MarsEdit quickly, and haven't had to learn about all kinds of features that I don't use. Thumbs up.

*[ Mar 16, 2006 ]: 20060316T1155-0800


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