A Testing Story

Tests are great! This year I've started working on a codebase with a significant unit test suite for the first time in a while, and good coverage has definitely come in handy. Now I'm going to share a story where a single test did double duty.

Our filesystem events listening daemon was crashing occasionally on my system, and I didn't know how to reproduce it. No one else seemed to be getting these crashes, either. The system was saving a backtrace, and it was always the same, but I wasn't sure I believed its line numbers. As a start, I made a guess at the lines that were really failing, and added a ton of debug dumps to inspect the state. (Since this daemon is run as root using launchd, it's still easiest to just use the old printf-n'-stare debug method.)

Then I tried a lot of stuff to poke at it, even leaving Spotify on overnight in an attempt to recreate the conditions of the bug. No luck. It seemed like it would only crash when I wasn't trying to get it to crash - pretty frustrating.

I finally found it, but only after giving up for a while. I checked in again after working for a while on another project, and hey, lots of new crashes! With all my extra debug info, I could see what was going on - a string that couldn't be encoded in UTF-8 was being handled by some code that assumed it could be. It was a filesystem path with invalid characters.

What was the path that was killing my daemon? It was a temp file written by the test suite for the other project. It was a non-utf8 path, written to test the unicode handling of the GUI, and it had the wonderful (in retrospect) side effect of poking a bug in the daemon too. It's so satisfying when you find a bug's cause and it completely explains all the symptoms you were seeing.

One test exercising the unicode handling of multiple projects, now that's coverage!


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