Links for November 27th through December 1st

My shared links for November 27th through December 1st:

  • The Acme User Interface for Programmers -

  • UF Sparse Matrix Collection - SNAP group - collection of datasets including social networks

  • Action Science Explorer (Formerly iOpener Workbench) -

  • iOpener Project - The goal of iOPENER (Information Organization for PENning Expositions on Research) is to generate readily-consumable surveys of different scientific domains and topics, targeted to different audiences and levels, e.g., expert specialists, scientists from related disciplines, educators, students, government decision makers, and citizens including minorities and underrepresented groups. Surveyed material is presented in different modalities, e.g., an enumerated list of articles, a bulleted list of key facts, a textual summary, or a visual presentation with zoom and filter capabilities. The original contributions of this research are in the creation of an infrastructure for automatically summarizing entire areas of scientific endeavor by linking three available technologies: (1) bibliometric lexical link mining; (2) summarization techniques; and (3) visualization tools for displaying both structure and content.

  • I regularly hire women for 65% to 75% of what males make | Hacker News - Lots of tips on salary negotiation for both sexes in the comments thread

  • pjax - ajax with permalinks

  • Moog (2004) - IMDb See also Walter/Wendy Carlos…


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