Links for July 27th through July 30th

My shared links for July 27th through July 30th:

  • 45 Days. - "fill the days with little things first and there won't be room for the big ones"

An hour a day = 45 days a year. The kind of thing you just need to keep re-hearing every so often.

So all these years later I'm trying to make a very odd movie indeed, about computer chess programmers circa 1980, and perhaps deep down it's my attempt to vicariously peek into the fantasy braniac life I ought to have pursued as a kid. It happens to be a fascinating era for the field. As computers were exploding into the public sphere, and regular folks were just getting used to seeing them in the workplace, or home, a group of geniuses at the vanguard of the technology were trying to teach it what seemed like an almost unimaginable skill--could these machines, these glorified calculators, ever conquer the human world champion in chess? Obviously a human being would have to be a genius to be the world chess champ, so if they could get a computer to do it, the computer would have to acquire a kind of genius, right?


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