Blog archives and old times

As far as I can tell, I've lost my personal backup of my blog from 2001 until about December 2005. I went looking on the wayback machine, and it last crawled my site in 2003. I wonder if there's a way to slurp those pages into my wordpress blog without a ton of work. It saved a link to a backup tarball of the blosxom data files, but not the actual file, sadly.

I noticed something about those old posts: lots more comments. I really liked blogging back then. It had a real water cooler feeling to it. These days busy people have moved to twitter and comments are harder to manage, so those old blog conversations don't seem to happen anymore.

Yep, feeling old this morning. I also miss modem connection sounds and the Mac4theMind FirstClass BBS in Pittsburgh. Now get off my lawn.


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