Short: Send shortcut

I might be the only person who ever thought to complain that the key shortcut for "Send this message" is different across mail clients - I guess most people only use one.

But even before I started this project I was using multiple clients at once, to separate "work" email from "home" email in a way that was easy to control where the files go. (No work email backed up to home server, etc.) So I have noticed quite the set of key shortcuts:

  • Apple Mail: ⌘⇧D
  • I've always read this as 'deliver'. I also like the use of the shift-key, because sending isn't undo-able*, so it should be a little hard to hit accidentally.
  • (al)Pine: ^x
  • followed by y to answer the prompt, so I usually think of this as an Emacs-y ^xy
  • Mailsmith: ⌘E
  • huh?
  • Thunderbird: ⌘↵
  • Not shown in the menu, I had to search the help for this.
  • Postbox: ⌘⇧D
  • I guess the Postbox folks decided that ⌘⇧D is the Mac standard. I'd have to agree. ⌘↵ seems weird to me.
  • Entourage: ⌘↵
  • Maybe this is why it seems weird.
  • Gmail: use keyboard nav to press the send button
  • The help says there is a shortcut that works on Windows browsers, tab-enter. It's really just saying to use the keyboard navigation features to press the button, which also works for me on Safari. It's not really an obvious shortcut, but it works well enough.

* Of course sending should (must!) be undo-able, but that's a discussion for another day…


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