I have a minor obsession with email clie...

I have a minor obsession with email clients. I'm fascinated with how people use email and how clients have (and haven't) evolved over the last 40 years.

So, I started a separate blog on Tumblr to explore email clients, called mike checks mail.

The idea is to look at clients available now on OS X, and discuss their features and their flaws. It's basically very focused app criticism.

The first few posts have focused on the three free apps I use daily - Apple Mail, GMail and Thunderbird. Eventually I want to explore the other major mail clients currently on the market, including Entourage, Postbox, Eudora, and Outspring. I'd also like to dive into other platforms, to avoid reinventing something smart that's been in (say) emacs for 30 years.

Take a look, and send me questions and suggestions for topics. Let's geek out on mail clients…


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