I was listening to the [Core Intuition](...

I was listening to the Core Intuition podcast on dog walks for a while, and I sent in a question they covered in Episode 17 (hi guys - better late than never).

Since I'm in research, I think about future trends and what things are going to be like 5, or 10 years out. It's fun, but it made me wonder when I listen to these indie dev guys - do they have a plan? What if web apps and Chrome OS take over everything (they won't) or everything has to be seamlessly synced with some "cloud" (it will)? How will their apps and businesses react?

In answering, Daniel and Manton made a great point that's a real positive for small, low-investment indie development - if the ground moves, they can pretty easily just stop what they're doing and retool. Changing feature plans is fast, starting a new app project is fast. Projects can be dropped without laying off a bunch of people.

It was a real lesson in the agility of indie development. Now if only they'd post another podcast, and Austin would cool off enough for me to walk the dog for longer than a few minutes…


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