VoodooPad 3.5

From Flying Meat, VoodooPad 3.5 is out. (release notes here).

It's a solid update, including welcome image-editor integration and more. I thought I'd point out my favorite feature in the release notes:

"You can now edit pages and sort the results in the search window (woo!)."

I like this because it matches a kind of manual refactoring habit I picked up with Project Builder / XCode's excellent "Find in Project…" window - I search for a keyword that marks places I need to look at and edit the files right in the search window. (Note: 'occur-mode' and kin are a powerful way to do the same in Emacs…)

It's a powerful habit if you plan for it, by using comments in code to keep track of what you've touched when making a lot of cross-cutting changes, like # @addsearch Then when you think you're done with a change, you can run a quick search to see if you forgot to fix anything.

Sometimes in VoodooPad notes, I'll write in placeholders like that comment when I don't have a bit of information yet, and now I can follow my trails the same way I do in code.

Thanks, Gus!


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