Twitter Stats in SVG using gnuplot

Damon Cortesi just shared a handy script for grabbing your tweets and compiling some stats about when you post to twitter and who you reply to.

His script generates a list of numbers and included a Numbers template to paste them into. Since I don't have Numbers, I've modified his script to write a file that can be read by gnuplot, and wrote a basic gnuplot script to output an SVG file version of the stats.

While I was at it, I changed it so it no longer counts "@someone" separately from "@someone:".

Both scripts are right here - gnuplot_twitterstats.tgz

It uses gnuplot 4.2, which you can get on OS X with macports using port install gnuplot +no_x11'. (Or it's a pretty easy build on its own, see the gnuplot download page )

Here are my stats: Sorry, it looks like your browser doesn't support SVG. You're really not missing much. Click here for a full-screen version.


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