A script for text placeholders in VoodooPad

Last year I wrote about my new page template for VoodooPad. I still use something like it - I like the uniform look and the built-in navigation starters I get in every page.

I got tired of all the clicking around it took to fill in the navigation every time I put in a new page, so I decided to write a script to mimic XCode's "Select Next Placeholder" command. In XCode, if you use code completion, you might get something like this: [dict setObject:<# (id) anObject #> forKey:<# (id)key #>] Then pressing Control-/ cycles the selection through those placeholders so you can replace them with whatever you want quickly.

That's really handy for code, and it's great for VoodooPad templates too. I wrote the script as a Python script plugin for VoodooPad, and it maps Command-/ to select the next placeholder, wrapping the search at the end just like XCode does. Now my new page template in VoodooPad has a few placeholders in it, and I have a lot fewer pages with default template text sitting in there making me look lazy.

Download it here. (Note, it needs the VoodooPad Python Plugin Enabler )


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