TextStructure screencast

In case you had no idea what I was talking about in the last post, I've put together a hasty screencast with no script, no soundtrack, and no editing.

In the video you can see a few things:

  • 0:00: I have found a way to show you the palm trees on my street without showing you the rest of my street. Lucky you!
  • 0:08: After I press control-z (not my final choice for a keystroke), we get a nice little display of sections in your file. Right now I have it set up to show me ObjC methods.
  • 0:13: It shows you where you are.
  • 0:16: ... and where you've been.
  • 0:18: you can jump around by clicking on the section header list.
  • 0:30: you can search through the contents and it shows which sections match.
  • 0:38: you can also choose from a list of other ways to slice your text - described by a bunch of regexps in a file you can tweak without recompiling the plugin.
  • 0:49: I use Snapz Pro X and Quicksilver, which you know because I also tried to use iMovie HD and couldn't find the "Don't make my imported movies look like crap" option, so I just uploaded the original movie with no funny titles. Bummer.

Also, the leverage-discuss mailing list is up now, if you want to ask how to use it.


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