Take me to WWDC!

I can't make it in person to either WWDC or Buzz's party this year, and as a result, I'm bummed right out. But I haven't sulked, I thought of your feelings too. I came up with a way to make it seem kind of like I was there anyway. It's so crazy, it just might work:

Mike McCracken WWDC flashcards!

Just print one or all of the following pictures, and bring them with you to WWDC. They're all cropped to a 3x5 ratio, so you can tuck them into your HPDA and flash them when appropriate, like a soccer referee - I suggest the following interpretations:

Use "Morning Mike" when you need a non-verbal way to tell someone that it's just too early to discuss APIs, GUIs, or what to do now that Apple makes a free version of your only product:

Use "Confused Mike (Afternoon session)" whenever someone says something that just doesn't make sense. Whether it's their fault, or yours! Bonus points for use when you see a new abuse of the human interface guidelines. This card may also be appropriate just after seeing the amazing demo of Apple's free version of your only product:

Use "Cheers Mike" to suggest a trip to the bar, get women to pose with you, or to celebrate the continued absence of a free version of your only product. This may be the only appropriate card to sport during Buzz's can't-miss Weblogger's Party:

But remember, those are only guidelines. Be creative - my WWDC experience is in your hands!

If you take a picture with one of me, post it on flickr with the tag 'mikewwdc06' so I can see where I've been. Have fun at WWDC - to all of you and me!


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