FlexTime 1.0 Launches

I've been using Red Sweater software's FlexTime for a while now, and Daniel just announced version 1.0.

FlexTime is a repeating-timer program that is great for either set routines or one-off reminders. (It also has a pretty great name, don't you think?)

It's a solid program that you can use for a number of things. It fills an important niche I care about - helping you deal with your #1 work tool also being your #1 toy.

I use it to do a version of the "(10+2)*" procrastination hack that helps me get on track doing the things I need to do. It works really well, and I love that it lets me pause a routine if work is going really well.

Perhaps the best endorsement I can give it is that even though it does what I need, I am constantly thinking of things I wish it did and ways to improve. Now that I've mentioned that, I guess I'll have to schedule some time to send my list over to Daniel...

Well, time's up - back to work!


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