XCode 2.3 Hidden Gem: Interface Builder 2.5.4

XCode 2.3 is out, so why not spend a nice May evening reading some Dev Tools release notes?

There are some excited posts about Dedicated Network Builds from people who work at Apple, but not having a cluster of build machines myself, I'm not so worked up. (Unless sourceforge gets on that for their build farm.)

Then I saw this one line buried a little past halfway through:

  • Nibtool
  • Added functionality for exporting and importing properties as a plist Nibtool can extract properties into a plist format that can be edited and then reimported into the nib using the new --export (-e) and --import (-i) flags.

If I read this right, it means the door is open for easy automated access to bindings and maybe a way to make editing bindings easier. I know visual programming has its benefits, but bindings are just so opaque - you see one object's binding at a time, and making mass changes to bindings is just impossible - until now, I hope.

I'm downloading it now.


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