Ingredients: prunes, salt.

If you're ever at the liquor store down the block and see a tempting new combination of previously unconnected flavors, and you feel a sudden urge, a tug, to buy that bag of Salted Prune Saladitos and rush home, eager to shut the door behind you and experience something alien and tasty in private, stop. Just pay for your diet coke, leave a penny, and walk home a fortunate, humbler man.


Prune Saladitos: fit for a king with a powerful jaw.

The one Saladito I tried was probably harder than anything else I've been told was food, and certainly the saltiest thing I've ever tasted, including salt. It was like biting a really big, wrinkly pistachio, shell and all. A two-hour soak in warm water did little to soften the nugget, and now this bag sits in my kitchen, awaiting fate. Maybe someday I'll try a fresh one.

You're wondering where else you can read about these formidable treats on the internet. I've already done the background for you, and I recommend learning about diversity with lemons and saladitos.

To be fair, King Henry does make a delicious trail mix.


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