Mail message to iCal Todo script

After reading Merlin Mann's suggestion to live in iCal, I thought that even though I don't use kGTD, it might be a good idea to try to limit the number of places where things I have to do exist. Following on the idea of moving lines of text from VoodooPad to iCal todos, I just wrote a script to take the frontmost email message and add a todo that reminds me to reply to it. I'm getting a little closer to just having one place I need to check tasks.

tell application "Mail"
    set l to the selection as list
    set selMesg to item 1 of l
    set cont to content of selMesg as string
    set subj to subject of selMesg as string
    set person to sender of selMesg as string
    tell application "iCal"
        set theCal to (first calendar whose title is "Email")
        set theString to "reply to " & person & " about " & subj
        make todo at end of todos of theCal with properties {priority:0, summary:theString}
    end tell
end tell

This ends up with a todo that says something like "reply to about Locations for the party of the century"

Of course, it's best invoked with a twitch and Quicksilver, so just drop it in ~/Library/Scripts so it gets indexed. I called it "NewTodoFromEmail" and Quicksilver calls it "nte". Clever.

I based it on my NewEventFromEmail script, which I still use regularly. So nice!


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