Voodoopad lines to iCal todos

I take notes at meetings in VoodooPad, and as such I write a lot of to-do items in MeetingNotes pages. They tend to get buried in those pages unless I do something about it fast. Sometimes I put them somewhere more useful, like on my "TodoToday" page, but that page is getting more like a "TodoSomeday" page, and isn't fit for serious action items. Today I realized that I wanted a script to take line-items from VoodooPad pages and make them into Todo items in iCal, so I can track them easier.

I already have a Quicksilver plugin for creating new todos, so I repurposed it as a python plugin for VoodooPad to add a big list all at once. Check out Gus' post on python plugins for the enabler, and then check this sucker out:

VPScriptSuperMenuTitle = "Notes"
VPScriptMenuTitle = 'Create Todos in iCal'

import os

def main(windowController, *args, **kwargs):
    tv = windowController.textView()
    s = tv.string()
    ranges = tv.selectedRanges()

    scriptString = ""
    for r in ranges:
        rs = s.substringWithRange_(r.rangeValue())

        lines = rs.split("\n")
        for line in lines:
            if len(line) < 1: continue
            scriptString += "tell application \"iCal\"\n\
            set theCal to (first calendar whose title is \"Work\")\n\
            make todo at end of todos of theCal with properties\
            {priority:0, summary:\"%s\"}\n\
            end tell\n" % line

    f = os.popen("/usr/bin/osascript", 'w')

Want to add to it? These and many things are easily imaginable:

  • Change priority based on the first character of each line
  • handle continuation lines better
  • change calendar to select based on some simple syntax, like " foo" is a line with text "foo" but "foo bar" is a line with text "bar" destined for calendar "foo"...
  • Another idea: a line starting with the words "email" or "mail" be made into a todo with the glyph ✉, and/or an actual email in Mail.app.
  • Any other ideas?


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