Sending large files?

This problem comes up occasionally - I want to send some large files (hundreds of megabytes) to someone else. They're too big for email, I don't want to share them with the world, can't just burn a DVD, and neither of us has a computer that is constantly connected to the internet.

I usually resort to putting them up at my web space temporarily under an obscure directory name, but that's not ideal, since I need to remember to take them down, and have to make sure I tell search engines that they're not to be spidered.

Doesn't this seem like a problem that should have been solved already? It should be very simple to just send a file once to someone, asynchronously, and not have to worry about anyone else getting it, or taking it down, or going over your bandwidth limit or email attachment limit.

If you have a clever way of sending large files around, let me know in the comments. (Update, hours later- comments are enabled now, I don't know what happened there)


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