Discontinuing Blapp

I've decided to switch over to MarsEdit, and as a result I will now most likely stop maintaining Blapp, my simple OS X blosxom weblog editor.

It's been a lot of fun through seven versions, starting with my original post about it, to Rael Dornfest (the author of blosxom) picking it up and the v2 release, when it became actually useful. I released it as open source in October of 2002, and got some great contributions from Scott Anguish, Glenn Vanderburg, and Bob Schumaker.

I'd like to extend thanks to everyone who contributed to the project and to everyone who used it - it's been fun.

There's a lot to love about Blapp, and if you use Blosxom, I'd still recommend it - but times do seem to have left Blosxom behind, and even though I really haven't been maintaining it anyway, I'm writing this to make it official that I'm done working on Blapp, and if anyone would like to take it over and keep maintaining it, they should shoot me an email or comment on this post.

There are some features in Blapp that I wish I had in MarsEdit - I liked the Links Window (although it really could have done more) and I still prefer the more flexible live preview with CSS.

I also had a convenient setup for dragging URLs into a post with some default HTML to save typing.

However, MarsEdit could get some of those features, while Blapp will probably never do all that MarsEdit already does. (Like drafts!)


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