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Fresh Air: Stan Getz in the '50s

Some great samples and historical tidbits from Fresh Air: Before Ipanema: Stan Getz's exquisite quintets

Before he was famous for popularizing bossa nova with "The Girl from Ipanema" in the early 1960s, saxophonist Stan Getz recorded with small jazz groups all through the '50s. Jazz critic Kevin Whitehead says a new reissue shows Getz was one of the best at playing pretty.

I really love Fresh Air. I used to listen to it every day after school while playing Crystal Quest in my room. Every time I hear Terry Gross' voice, I get a bit of a rush like I'm goofing off instead of doing my homework.

Early Days of Java in Sun Labs - Chuck McManis on HN, via Manuel Simoni

From The Axis of Eval: "Truth IS stranger than fiction": Chuck McManis explains the cancellation and subsequent fame of Java.

It's fascinating to me how often you hear about these overnight successes that took years to develop and were canceled, given up for dead, etc. many times.

I remember hearing similar stories about Self and Erlang at HOPL-3, the History of Programming Languages conference. Maybe you shouldn't bet on the success of a new language unless it's been cancelled or abandoned at least once?

MacOS X is an Unsuitable Platform for Web Development

From Ted Dziuba: MacOS X is an Unsuitable Platform for Web Development.

Textmate sucks

Sooner or later, you have to face facts. Man up and learn Emacs.

Ted's probably the funniest person blogging about tech that I'm aware of.

Take note of the filename of the image he used for this post…

He just seems angry toward the end, but I'd say his technical points are awfully valid.

On the other hand, nothing's stopping anyone from using a Mac and developing on Linux - just use emacs over X11, and keep your great Mac apps for mail, chat, web browsing, etc… Honestly I never understood the need to have things work on your laptop if you're actually going to run it on some other server. Isn't that what networks are for?

Introducing Overlay Scrollbars in Unity « Canonical Design

From the always-interesting Canonical Design blog: Introducing Overlay Scrollbars in Unity. (Who wouldn't love to see an Apple Design blog? It's fun to follow along as some serious, talented people rethink stuff we use everyday…)

Take a look at the video - and stick with it all the way through. At first I didn't like it but now I'm a fan. I like that they've expanded usable screen real estate by getting rid of the everpresent thumb, but kept a subtle visual indicator that there's more content - there's a small ~2px bar that scales like current thumbs do.

My only concern would be that the little mini-thumb is too small and it will sometimes not be obvious that you can scroll. I think this happens on iOS, too - maybe it's not such a big deal.


Link: MailPerspectives

MailPerspectives is a new plugin from indev software for Apple Mail. It adds new window styles that are more compact than the standard Mail window, with improved keyboard navigation to process your messages more quickly.

Take a look at the interactive HTML virtual tour - probably the best app-marketing scheme I've seen, because it's more informative than a screenshot but less intrusive than a screencast…

It's beginning to feel like a golden age for mac email clients.